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National University of Lesotho: Energy Research 

The National University of Lesotho has established an Energy Research Centre (ERC). The ERC strives to develop human resource capacity by currently offering sustainable energy short courses ( and through an MSc in Sustainable Energy planned to start in January 2018. Moreover, the ERC performs research that informs policies for sustainable development. The ERC is an all-inclusive center for low-carbon research work (solar, wind, hydro, bioenergy), social engineering (energy policy, economics, finance & project management, climate change & environment, energy & gender), capacity building, consultancy and outreach programmes. It has multi-disciplinary scientists from diverse backgrounds working collaboratively towards achieving clean power generation, efficient use of energy and access to clean energy for all households.

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The overall goal for the SADC energy sector is to stimulate economic growth and development through efficient and rational use of the region’s energy resources. The mandate of the sector 1s to secure energy supplies to Member States through regional co-operation. It also aims to develop appropriate energy technologies, rehabilitate energy facilities and increase efforts to conserve energy.  In addition, at the policy level the sector aims to achieve harmonisation of energy polices, ensuring the provision of sustainable energy efficiently and cost effectively, promoting the development of human resources in the sector, promoting intraregional trade in energy and ensuring that environmentally sound energy strategies are adopted.