International Renewable Energy Symposium Program 28 Oct

Paper presented at International Multi disciplinary conference January 2016 (Capacity Building for sustainable energy development)

Higher Education (Academic) Institutions (HEIs) should occupy an important and envisaged central role, in contributing to capacity building for sustainable energy development. In this paper the concept of sustainable energy and its development is presented. Education, capacity building and sustainability form an interdependent and interrelated nexus which is important in sustainable energy development. To show how the trio (education, capacity building and sustainability) are central in achieving positive results in Sustainable Energy Development programmes, the concepts of capacity building, sustainability in the energy context and the importance of education and research as a catalyst for capacity building are discussed.

Paper presented at the Africa-EU Symposium on Renewable Energy Research and Innovation RERIS, March 2016

Extended abstracts should be written according to structure given in the template below, including the following headings: abstract and keywords, introduction, method, results and discussion, conclusion and recommendations, references. There is flexibility as to the naming of the sections. Sub-headings can be used when necessary.